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Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series – A Truly Powerful Creatine Formula 

  • Key Ingredient Combination Builds More Muscle and Strength than Creatine!
  • 10,000mg Mega-Dose of Ultra-Pure Creatine
  • 75g of Dextrose to Drive More Creatine into Muscles

Build muscle with one of the best creatine supplements – Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series 

Jim CordovaIf you’re an elite athlete, serious bodybuilder or just a guy looking to build muscle fast, you need one of the best creatine powder supplements available – Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series™ from MuscleTech® supplements. If you’re not taking this cutting-edge creatine supplement, you’re missing out on the opportunity to build more muscle and increase strength with what many pro bodybuilders claim to be the best creatine supplement available – Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series!

Harnessing the benefits of pure creatine supplements and making them better! 

The benefits of pure creatine supplements are second to none. They can help build muscle, increase strength and power and improve recovery time between sets. However, even as good as the best creatine supplements are on their own, there is a way to get even better results. And that’s what makes Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series a notch above creatine powder supplements!


Todd DuffeeTeam MuscleTech® researchers engineered Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series with a 10,000 milligram mega dose of creatine (that’s double the creatine of other leading creatine supplements). This powerful creatine supplement also contains 75 grams of insulin-spiking dextrose to help enhance creatine transportation to help build muscle and increase strength fast.

In a placebo-controlled study on 32 individuals divided into four groups and conducted at a physiology lab in Greenwich, CT, subjects taking the core ingredients in Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series with a hardcore training program built more muscle than those taking creatine with juice after 7 days (3.6 vs. 0.8 lbs.). In fact, after 28 days, subjects using the core ingredients in Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series gained an average of 4.5 lbs. of muscle, while subjects using creatine with juice gained only 1.5 lbs.

Test Subjects Gained Over 4x More Muscle Compared to Placebo  

For powerful results that you’ll see and feel, Team MuscleTech researchers scientifically formulated Cell-Tech Hardcore ProSeries with a clinically proven dose of creatine. In fact, in a third-party 12-week study on 22 untrained subjects randomly assigned to one of three groups, subjects taking this dose of creatine in Cell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series™ built over 4 times more muscle compared to subjects using a placebo (7.1 vs. 1.3 lbs.)


With Nitro-Tech Hard Core Pro Series Test Subjects Gained 73% More Lean Muscle than Whey Protein Powder Users. 

Nitro-Tech® Hardcore Pro Series™ is a scientifically advanced whey protein powder for athletes and bodybuilders who want to maintain a high protein diet and build muscle and strength!

How do you know it works? Well, a six-week university study was conducted on 36 subjects with at least three years of weight-training experience. Subjects taking the core ingredients in this advanced whey protein powder formula were shown to really build muscle – 73% more muscle, in fact, than those using whey protein powder alone (8.8 vs. 5.1 lbs.). Plus, subjects were shown to achieve over double the strength results on their max bench when compared to those using whey protein powder alone (14 vs. 34 lbs.)!


There is no doubt that Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series is a perfect whey protein powder choice for elite athletes and bodybuilders like you who want to maintain a high protein diet and help build muscle and strength!


  • Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series has 25% MORE PROTEIN per serving than the previous Nitro-Tech. So you get more protein in every delicious whey protein shake!
  • The whey protein component in Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series delivers 11g of leucine and 13g of additional BCAAs with each daily dose – BCAAs are the building blocks of muscle!

Find Out How All the Hardcore Pro Series Line of Supplements Can Help You Build Muscle and Strength 

The NEW Hardcore Pro Series – it’s not like the stuff the pros use, it is the stuff the pros use.

  • A pre-workout extreme energy supplement, naNO Vapor® Hardcore Pro Series
  • A post-workout powerful creatine supplementCell-Tech™ Hardcore Pro Series
  • PLUS, Nitro-Tech® NOP-47™ – the world’s first and only pre workout protein available with vasodilating NOP-47 and whey protein isolate … and it’s stackable with Nitro-Tech Hardcore
    Pro Series!