Gimmicks. Hype. Scams. Misinformation. The supplement world is full of empty promises and outrageous claims. Who can you trust? We know what it’s like. We’re lifters just like you. At Animal, we believe in trust and knowledge.

Your body’s a temple. That’s why you abuse it, punish it. That’s why you sacrifice it… Push it to the limit with every crushing lift. Lifting is an all out war. This is how you train. But being an Animal is more than just training. It’s the way you live. It’s an in-your-face attitude few can even comprehend. This is a life devoted to iron.

Look, it’s not about fancy gym equipment or gear. Your training is hardcore, no-frills. You make a statement by the way you train, not by what you wear. It’s because of you, the dedicated warrior, the Animal, that we’ve been making hardcore training “packs”. Because when it comes to supplementation, Animal is all business.

For over twenty years, Animal packs have been found in the gym bags, lockers and kitchen cabinets of champions all over the world: Mr. Olympia winners, world powerlifting record-holders, and Olympic gold medalists. Why? Because Animal gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t–all conveniently dosed in a clear “pack”. No hype, no nonsense, no bullshit. Best of all, there’s no guesswork involved. You don’t have to stack different supplements together. They’re built right into every can. Because inside every pack of every Animal can, you get complete, time-tested supplements that work.

This is what makes Animal so unique in a world full of hype and gimmicks. We promise real results and we stand behind every product we sell with a full 100% guarantee. No one else comes even close. With Animal, you get the confidence of a proven track record. After all, Animal has stood the toughest test of all, the test of time. So when you’re ready for the next level, turn to Animal, the original hardcore training supplements. The one and only, since 1983.


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